Saturday, October 29, 2011

Street Food in Kolkata

Kolkata is food lover's paradise. Not only do you get some of the best cooked food in world but you also find a variety of Street Food all across the cities. These street food are so delicious that you simply ca't ignore them. If you are new to this City then let me tell you that not all street food are prepared with good sanitation. You need to know the perfect places and the hubs to get everything at a compact locations. In this post I am going to explain to you some of the street foods in Kolkata and also mention the top locations to experience them.

Puchka/ Panipuri - The Puchka is probably the most important street food of all times. It's called Panipuri or Golgappa in several parts of India but out here in Calcutta you get to have the most delicious ones. It's got an outer roundish shell made of fried potatos. Inside you have a stuffing of some mashed potato with a large dip of sweet and sour water. It's simply delicious and you can have as many as 20 at one go. Sometimes you will find Dahi Puchka which are generally heavier than the normal ones as the sour water is replaced by curd from inside.
Puchka in Kolkata

Bhel Puri - A mixture of Puffed Rice and sweet & sour sauces. It is topped with what we call as Bhujia. generally puffed rice is served in folded magazine papers with a wood spoon. Yummy and delicious.

Chaat - The mixture of all things spicy and topped with curd. Serverd in plasitic plates. My suggestion is that you should try a Chaat at Haldirams. One is located in South Calcutta near BallyGaunge. Another near the Exide Crossing in Park Circus and finally one very close to the Airport near VIP ROAD, Kaikhali.

Papdi Chat 

For all other Junk food as mentioned above go to either Out-Trum Ghat or Vivekananda Park. You can even experiece in the Swimming Pool Area of Salt Lake.  Have them and feel the taste of Bengal.