Adventure is fun but stop and think for a second what would be adventurous without the proper gear. So it is very important for a person to start an adventure with a proper gear. For example you start a road trip so your bag pack is your main gear rest aside the car without which it is not even possible. In your bag get some energy drink and water. Now if you travel for a hike with the same bag pack then water should be your main priority. For a hike a nap sack is a must where you keep all handy essential elements. Now lets turn up the heat... for mountain hiking and jungle safari think of what you need the most. 99 percent people think its the tent , well i am not telling its wrong totally but for a jungle safari you need light. Light can clear an area of insect mosquitos and even keep wild animals away. In mountain hiking light from a lighter can create a fire to keep you warm. This is just a start to your knowledge base of ADVENTURE GEAR. I will cover ome important topics in details in this page.

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