Thursday, October 28, 2010


the five of us including the driver near ROHTANG PASS
Shimla is a prace around 300 km away from delhi. It is basically a hill station and is one of the most popular holiday destinations in INDIA. We the members of adventure assassins recently made a trip to shimla and Manali and were thrilled but the adventures we had. We started our trip on DAY 1 by taking the train Rajdhani express which leaves Sealdah station at 4.30 PM. We reached Delhi the next day at 10.30 AM. it takes 18 hours by train and 2 hours by flight to reach Delhi. When we arrived in Delhi the temperature outside pretty hot somewhat around 49 degree celcius. We soon got inside our car and started our 8 hour long road trip to shimla. We reached Shimla at 10 PM that night and we haulted for lunch at Chandigarh. The days in Shimla were awsome and we really enjoyed the sight seeing there , the mall road , the terrain , the people all of it. We also visited a place called Kufri near Shimla and i did some horse riding myself. After 2 days we started our journey for Manali, the road is awsome and hardly makes you feel climbing the rugged terrain. Manali takes 10 hours from shimla by car and we stayed there for 4 days. The favourite part of the trip was our visit to ROHTANG PASS . It was snowing and the view is breathtaking. Finally the hardest part of the journey was yet to come, returning to DELHI from MANALI. We drove 17 hours with adequate stops for food and other necessaties. Overall the trip was highly adventurous and a great success for the club.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Road trips are very interesting and they often lead to discovering new places and scenery, seeing roads endlessly going through the unknown lands of your country is simply amazing. We hit the roads pretty often and i would like to share with you some of the tips and tricks with which you can make your experience a lot better.

1) SELECTING CAR - When you are selecting the car for your road trip, i know there is not much choice but to take your house car. Well the ideal car for road trips are SUV's as they have better grip, bigger room space for you to relax, spaces in the back to take all your necessary belongings. Due to the bigger tire base of the SUV's they tend to stick to the road pretty well. The engines of any standard SUV is optimized to run for a long period of time and are far more reliable. RANGE ROVERS or LAND ROVERS are some of the SUV's used by professional adventure groups and are often broadcasted in th discovery channel. Well if for any reason you don't get a SUV then please don't panic you can use Sedans and hatchbacks as well but make sure you carry extra tires, mobil and give your car some rest periodically after driving 4-5 hours.

2)MAKE YOUR BAG PACK - It is very important that all members of the road trip should carry their own bag pack. Your ideal bag should not be something as big as a ruck sack but should be of a size that makes you comfortable to carry it around. But a toilet bag and take your brush toothpaste, important medications, some first  aid stuff like band-aid, savlon, anti-septic cream etc. the other important thing that goes in your bag pack is a pair of clothes just in case you need it, some shots so that you can wear them when you wanna make yourself comfortable in the car and a bottle of water. Make sure your bag pack has these key items and the rest is up to you. For Example i take my camcorder, camera i pod, and my fried pal takes his laptop so we are pretty much connected to the world even when we are in the middle of the unknown.

3)RESEARCH AND PLAN - Last but no into the least plan your road trip beforehand. I know its cool when you see in the movies that people just takes off for a journey but trust me its not that simple and without effective planning you can get into a lot of trouble. Search the web, search google maps and find places to eat and halt beforehand and calculate the journey time, when to start etc. If you are going without a driver then make sure all of you takes turns and drive , a 100km each person.

mostly drive cautiously as highway driving may look easy but is a lot difficult. We the members of ADVENTURE ASSASSINS promise you that if you follow these tips you will have a smooth and pleasant journey.

Monday, October 25, 2010


Hi my name is Rahul and today i am going to tell you a real world incident, you can call it a story if you want to i dont really mind. As a kid i was introduced to a school for rich called The Heritage School. I had a hard time coping with the high status people and always suffered from complex time to time. I never expressed such feelings though and my parents never bothered to look me and understand the problem. However when i was in class 8 things were not so bad after all . I had made my first solid friend with a guy named Rakesh. He was very weird at first but soon started comforting me and then his best friend Saptak introduced me with two other guys named Pal and Chatterjee. The five of us jinxed pretty well and we were totally unaware of the fact that this friendship of ours would show us a new way to live life, a new way to enjoy every moment of it. We started planning our own adventure club called ADVENTURE ASSASSINS. We started with adventures like hopping  around our hometown of Kolkata and searching the craziest locations of junk food , then we moved on to surveying the technological market of chadni chawk and understanding the business, party late night and sneak to our houses and lots more. Meanwhile i shifted to an institute called VIKAS and my friend Chatterjee went to study in OOTY. For the first time in our life we were seperated but things never changed due to our enthusiasm. I forcefully quit my institute and shifter to my hometown of Kolkata again. chatterjee made sure he extended his holidays and make the full use of it. We were growing old and we needed to get our own income for our adventures. Fortunately we have 4 cars of our families but we fuel them with our own money. Most of us do freelance work but Rakesh takes care of his dad's business and gets paid heavily. Our adventures grew bigger each day we started our exploration of the national highways of India NH 2 NH 6 are my favourites. We live life different every day and invite you all to join ADVENTURE ASSASSINS our fees no money...the cost is just true  friendship. In return we promise that we will change the way you look at life forever.