Monday, October 25, 2010


Hi my name is Rahul and today i am going to tell you a real world incident, you can call it a story if you want to i dont really mind. As a kid i was introduced to a school for rich called The Heritage School. I had a hard time coping with the high status people and always suffered from complex time to time. I never expressed such feelings though and my parents never bothered to look me and understand the problem. However when i was in class 8 things were not so bad after all . I had made my first solid friend with a guy named Rakesh. He was very weird at first but soon started comforting me and then his best friend Saptak introduced me with two other guys named Pal and Chatterjee. The five of us jinxed pretty well and we were totally unaware of the fact that this friendship of ours would show us a new way to live life, a new way to enjoy every moment of it. We started planning our own adventure club called ADVENTURE ASSASSINS. We started with adventures like hopping  around our hometown of Kolkata and searching the craziest locations of junk food , then we moved on to surveying the technological market of chadni chawk and understanding the business, party late night and sneak to our houses and lots more. Meanwhile i shifted to an institute called VIKAS and my friend Chatterjee went to study in OOTY. For the first time in our life we were seperated but things never changed due to our enthusiasm. I forcefully quit my institute and shifter to my hometown of Kolkata again. chatterjee made sure he extended his holidays and make the full use of it. We were growing old and we needed to get our own income for our adventures. Fortunately we have 4 cars of our families but we fuel them with our own money. Most of us do freelance work but Rakesh takes care of his dad's business and gets paid heavily. Our adventures grew bigger each day we started our exploration of the national highways of India NH 2 NH 6 are my favourites. We live life different every day and invite you all to join ADVENTURE ASSASSINS our fees no money...the cost is just true  friendship. In return we promise that we will change the way you look at life forever.

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