Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mountain Travel tips

If you are planning to go for  a mountain travel experience or a convenient. Remember most of us stay in places close to the river and we sometimes find it very difficult to adopt to the hilly areas and as a result of this the trip becomes less enjoyable and more of a burden. so follow these steps to stay well and enjoy the scenic beauty of the mountain and the valeys.

1) Always carry enough water when you go for mountain hiking and even visiting hilly areas. Remember that at high altitudes oxygen level is very less and your body uses most of its energy pretty fast than usual. So water can be used to restore minerals and vitamins from time to time keeping ou energized.

2) While going uphill or downhill in a car or bus, some of us have a tendency to feel sick and vomit and even suffer from nausea. If you are such a person then carry some cloves and place it in your mouth when you feel like vomiting. I gurantee that you will never vomit.

3) Going for mountain sightseeing means it ts obvious that your skin will get dry from time to time. Always carry moisturizers and cream to soothen you skin from getting rough.

4) While travelling in mountain areas apart from travelling in cars and buses you also have to walk long distances iin very rugged terrain. So it is very essential to carry a good pair of shoes to make you more comfortable while travelling. Please don't wear sleepers , if you take my advise i like wearing woodland shoes.

5) Lastly if you suffer from asthma or any other heart disease it is mandatory for you to carry your inhaler and take necessary medications from time to time. Also don't forget to carry a good set of sunglasses as the rays of the sun at high altitude have more UV than at ground level.

If you follow these steps then mountain journeys and travelling will not be hctic for you anymore.

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